60 Second Spot

(HOST)  We're here today live with one of the proprietors Bill Prewitt.  The sound system throughout the house is incredible.
(BILL) Yes, and I was just listening to one of  the classic Phil Collins albums "No Jacket Required" the one with no jacket.
(HOST)   I understand that there's a story behind the album.
(BILL) Yes, years ago Phil was performing in Chicago and after a concert he went to a major upscale hotel here (which shall go un-named /or "The Palmer House") for dinner and they refused his business because he didn't have a proper jacket.  He said he was Phil Collins but that didn't seem to matter, so his next album he named "No Jacket Required" and while he was promoting it he told the story of his unpleasant experience many times on national television until he got a formal apology from the hotel..
(HOST)   Is there a special attire customers need to be aware of here?
(BILL)   Absolutely not.   Here at Biggs we want everyone to be comfortable and have a pleasant experience.  That's why we have no dress code.  We ask for "business casual" but we don't turn anyone away.  Depending on your mood you can "dress up or dress down"
   Someone dining or just wanting a glass of wine may enter the wine bar directly from the Dearborn Street entrance without going through the mansion.  We don't want the atmosphere to ever seem "stuffy" and everyone is always welcome.  What's more fun is that you may call ahead and make reservations for your favorite table in any of our rooms.
(HOST)  Well that demonstrates what Biggs is all about---real old-fashioned hospitality.    The number for reservations is 312-787-0900.   

                          (We tried to get Phil Collins to do this one but it was too much $$)
                                                           60 Second Spot

(Host)  We're here today with musician Bill Prewitt who is also one of the proprietors here at Biggs.
You seem like you're in a good mood today.
(Bill)  Yes,  I  was just thinking about the classic baseball movie "A League of their own".  Remember when Tom Hanks said that famous phrase to Geena Davis when her character struck out and he said. "There's no crying in baseball!"
(Host) Yes, that was the best scene in the movie.
(Bill)  I think so too.  Well, just as there's no crying in baseball, there's no blues at Biggs.   It's all about how you feel when you come to the complementary smooth WNUA jazz Sundays in the Oak Room at Biggs.
Some customers tell us that Sundays is their favorite time here at Biggs.  Terry Higgins and Dale Prasco play all afternoon after Sunday Brunch.  Don't be shy about making requests because chances are they will know it.  Last week they had a request to play "The Wizard of Oz" and they actually played The Tin Man without missing a beat.
They can handle everything from Miles to Mozart.  So when I show up with my blues harmonica or guitar they can easily play the real thing.
(Host)  So now we know what you mean when you say, "It's easy to  "loose your blues. At Biggs".
(Bill)  Exactly.  And there's always different ways to say the same thing.  You can say it like you just did ..or say it like this..
(Bill plays a happy blues lick on harmonica)
(Host)  Complementary music with Terry Higgins and Dale Prasco all afternoon on Sunday after brunch and Gold Coast Diva "Nan Mason" Wednesday through Saturday starting at 8PM.  Come LOSE YOUR BLUES AT BIGGS.
                                                              LIVE MUSIC
                                                            60 Second Spot

(Rick) We're back live here at the Biggs mansion with a little surprise and one of the proprietors Leslie Kebler.
(Leslie) Thanks Rick and this one of my partners Bill Prewitt on electric harp (Bill starts playing an improvised Harp shuffle rhythm)
(Leslie)  And this is Dale Presco (Dale starts playing his guitar)
(Leslie) and this is Terry Higgins (Terry starts playing hot licks and alternates back and forth with Bill)

Voice over begins with the live music playing in the background:

(Rick) What a nice surprise Leslie.  Here we are in the heart of the Blues capitol of the world and our house band is mobile this morning.  I understand that the second time the mayor was in he got a special treat.
(Leslie) Yes, in fact this is pretty much what the mayor heard a couple of weeks ago at his table in the Library.  His party was all smiles and got a big kick out of it.  Sometimes on a special occasion these guys instantly become roving minstrels.

Last Sunday after hearing your broadcast Rick, a very nice couple drove here all the way from Merriville Indiana and were a little late for the brunch, so they listened all afternoon to Terry and Dale tell "stories without words" until we started serving dinner and made a whole day and night of it.  Whether you want to dance or just listen, the cozy Oak Room is the place to be.
(Rick)  The number for reservations is 312-787-0900.   Come LOSE YOUR BLUES AT BIGGS. (Which is the cue for a big 10-second musical resolve ending)

                                                           60 Second Spot


                                               INSTRUMENTALY SPEAKING

(Host) We're with musician Bill Prewitt who is also one of the proprietors.  Good morning Bill.
(Bill)  Good Morning.
And joining us today is Terry Higgins and his trumpet.  Good morning Terry, how are you today?
(Terry blows a long "good morning, I'm fine" lick)
(Host) laughs and says this is like playing "charades"
(Bill) right..sounds like ???  1st syllable  ???   this is fun, ok lets play .. And next to him is Dale Prasco on guitar.  Are you going to jump into this conversation this morning?
(Dale answers instrumentally on his guitar)
(Host)  I guess what they are trying to say is that anything can be said through their instrument because only music is so international it needs no translating.
Right Terry?
(Terry answers by blowing a lick on alto sax)
(Bill) now he's replying on his alto sax. Terry plays alto, tenor, & soprano sax as well as trumpet, flugal horn, piano & vocals. He tells "stories without words" after brunch each Sunday.  I think he's getting ready to say something else.
(Terry plays the WNUA commerical theme)
(Host) Well, now you're talking. That's one of my favorite melodies
(Bill). . I think a picture is better than a thousand words---and TO GET THE BIG PICTURE YOU REALLY SHOULD COME TO BIGGS TO HEAR THE WHOLE STORY that they're telling in the cozy Oak Room all afternoon every Sunday right after brunch. And Nan Mason is also here live each evening Wed through Sunday!  Of course, the entertainment is always complementary here at Biggs.
(Host) The number at Biggs for reservations is 312-787-0900..
                                                WEEKLY 60 SECOND SPOT

Next time you feel like going out to eat, don't just "go out to eat." Go to Biggs.  Biggs Steakhouse, Seafood, and Wine Cellar. It's both elegant and irreverent. So you can dress up or dress downwe want you to be comfortable.. The Wine Cellar downstairs is a great place to start  or kick your evening off on the terrace.  Pick a vintage from Biggs' ever expanding selection of wines. And maybe choose something from the grazing menu   featuring a variety of boutique cheeses from the Cheese Cave. For dinner, you could ask for a secluded table in the Rendezvous of at least half a dozen proposals...and countless clandestine affairs. But don't let anything distract you from the menu. Biggs Mansion prides itself on truly spectacular  steaks, unsurpassed rack of lamb, swordfish, salmon, sushi-quality tuna, and more. All prepared with panache and style by  Chef Frederic  Boyer. Catch Nan Mason in the Oak Bar Wednesdays through Saturdays. Or check out "All Day Smooth Jazz Sundays with live music. Biggs. It's not just eating out.  It's a dining and entertainment experience taken to the next level.  Biggs Steakhouse, Seafood, and Wine Cellar  - located in the historic Biggs Mansion @  1150 N. Chicago 's Gold Coast.

                                             CHRISTMAS DECORATION LIGHTS
                                                                 60 SECOND SPOT

.(Host)  Today I'm with one of the proprietors of Biggs Bill Prewitt.
How are you doing?
(Bill)  Great I love these longer days since the time change last week.
(Host)  Yes,  now I look forward to the gorgeous sunsets and watching those enchanting little lights appear each night everywhere outside the mansion.  They are really magic.  How did they come about being?
(Bill)  Last winter, when the weather was a bit sporty, I was up on a lift with one of my employees and we put up each light one by one and worked for several days stopping, only for cappuccino breaks inside.
(Host)  They cover all the trees and seem to be everywhere just sparkling.  How many lights are there?
(Bill)  Well, I guess we got a little carried away----there's TWENTY SIX THOUSAND!
(Host)  You mean twenty six hundred.
(Bill)  No, count them.. TWENTY SIX THOUSAND, and we've decided they glisten so well we're going to make them a permanent part of the ambience here at Biggs.  There's seating on the terrace for 75 under the lights, and the evenings are so romantic we're confident there will be several proposals by summertime.  We're also looking forward to an outdoor barbecue pit where Fredric will be slow cooking pheasant, quail, duck or pig seasoned how you like it.  We'd like the listeners comments on how to expand on these ideas by e mailing
Oh, I almost forgot, I've got another surprise the customers will love.
(Host) Can you tell us now.
(B)  No, then it wouldn't be a surprise
(Host)  Well, I guess we'll all just have to stay tuned

The number for reservations is 312-787-0900 and the e-mail address for your comments and ideas is