........ by Bill Prewitt
Four decades later we gather again
Just to have fun where the journey began
Most things have changed; it's been so long
To see where our beginnings have gone

Think back to the summer of '64
When we'd see old alumni come back through the door
We'd smile at each other; they were out of style
And we wondered what drove them back for a while

Carnival of time, it's full circle again
Midway down the midway, between now and then
Memories of cruising down Dodge Street on weekends
With the AM radios turned way up to "10"

Was it Johnny B. Goode or Johnny Cash?
Or Louie Louie rocking out at full blast
When the Beatles appeared, their records we bought
Changing the world and the way we thought

Now it's CD's and high definition
Wars on TV with live transmission
Digital cameras, computers drive cars
The World Wide Web and wireless guitars

When we left Westside, thought we'd never be back
We had dreams and goals and our train was on track
Our average English grades were a C
Managing to master eloquent profanity

My crystal ball didn't show me
All the changes to come and the new things to be
Now I miss those days gone past
All those good times went by way too fast

I need to revisit the house I raised in
Capture the feeling and see what has changed and
Maybe walk down the driveway; peek through the blinds
And try to see back 40 years into time

We are all winners to have made it this far
We've gone different ways but we know whom we are
Now it's time to have fun and tie up loose ends
Most all we didn't forget where we've been

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