In the picture below I am helping Bill in his office by sleeping on one of the phones so that when it rings I can answer it. Boy is this a lonely job.
            Welcome to my page! 
  I am a very fancy and serious kitty. That's why I like the leaves on the side of the page, because it is fancy.  You will never see me smile in a picture but I can be very affectionate.  I was born on April Fools Day 1996.  Bill paid $600 for me so I know that I am a little more sofisticated than the other stray cats that I am around, but I try to be humble.
   I like to chew things that crackle. Christmas is my favorate time because when everybody goes to bed I go under the tree and chew on the crunchy ribbons that are on the presents.  Sometimes they are so much fun I have to chew them up and swallow them, but it doesn't hurt me because I throw them up.
  My ears are folded and sometimes people think that I am mad, but it's just a front to get some respect.  Bill originally got me to be a buddy for Spooky, but as it turned out I'm pretty good friends with Gretta-Gretta.  I am very quiet and soft spoken but sometimes I make a little sound.  Boy, do I like luxury........  
This is a good shot of my ears.  See how they fold over like a puppy.
I like to eat ice cream and yogurt from a spoon.