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These are some of my silly boating newsletters that I send out each year around Christmas time in the spirit of boating, which to me is the same feeling as Christmas.  
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This was the first year I had the 30 foot Scarab race boat.   When I bought the boat the name "Good Entertainment" was already on it which I thought was perfect! 
There was record breaking heat in 1988.  I really got into the change of seasons and helping other boaters.  I decided it was time to change the name of the boat so into the paint shop it went to be unvailed next summer.
The season of 89 was the first year the boat was called "Fast Forward".  I enjoyed living on the boat and making it a way of life.  I also learned how expensive repairs can be.on a performance boat.
Another very hot summer and my new band "Greased Lightning" gets a lot of work.  Ben Hollis features the boat on the "Wild Chicago" Show with a wild ride all around the lakefront.
In 91 I bought my house 10 minutes from the boat and the band played Excalibur Nightclub to a packed house.  There was some wonderful 100 degree weather.
Another great season with the boat and the band.  Mom gets set adrift and I develope a different prospective on life.
In 93 I got into flying huge kites and the band played some big festivals.  Waco Texas was in the news.
94 marked the 8th year I had "Fast Forward".  The mayor and my neighborhood "Bridgeport" was in the news.
That year I went to the boat show in Miami and I listened in the boat to The Grateful Dead playing their last concert with Jerry Garcia across  the harbor at Soldier Field.
The winter of 96 is when I bought the big boat "Led Sled".  I had planned on trading in "Fast Forward" but since they didn't want to give me a fair price I ended up with 2 boats which I am grateful for.  On that very cold winter I rescued my first cat "Spooky" which changed my life.
A frightning storm on the 4th of July tested my seamanship with the big boatt surrounded by all the amature weekend boaters.  That winter I took my first cruise in the Carabean.